Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daydream Believer

Daydreams matter.
And I'll tell you exactly why.
Because never in the history of the earth has an athlete accomplished a great sporting feat without at first imagining him or herself doing it, in precise detail, long before his or her body followed suit. And there simply could be no breakthroughs in science & technology without someone daring to imagine impossible things—even highly dubious notions—like flying rickety airplanes & volatile rockets or sending messages around the world with the speed of light. Nowadays we call such processes that lead to advancement "visualization" or scientific "research." But we all know what's really going on here: those highly disciplined daydreams are the ones that put scientists, athletes & artists into the pure realm of imagination that fuels the very flame of the impossible.
And over time, "impossible" has become my favorite word...
Why? Because when something is considered humanly impossible, I automatically know we are stepping into a uniquely spiritual realm—a realm where all the fascinating inventors & artists who've came before us believed that anything could happen...

And no matter how high their level of education & genius, we know that before they ever reached their extraordinary achievements, they actually had to BELIEVE that they could. And here is what I love about such belief: You can't do it in a hurry. 

No, you have to STOP. Ruminate. Muddle. Draw. Map. Ponder. Graph. Scratch out. Re-imagine again. And chiefly what this requires from you is time—daydreaming time. Believing in the impossible always forces you to empty your mind of prior limiting conditions to actually envision how something might be achieved that has never occurred before. And this my favorite part: you must picture the steps leading up to that achievement & it's actualization in every physical detail. In other words, you must daydream your heart out.

(My dear friend Brie Groff found this inspiring photo)
And I have a little life secret for you: I honestly believe nothing wonderful has ever happened—be it in science, art, sports, or even finding your long-term romantic partner—unless you deeply believed that you could. And that's because, in my humble opinion, daydreaming is the most powerful magic on earth. The simple difference between daydreamers who achieve their dreams & those who don't is their level of faith, discipline, tenacity, and sheer guts to stick to their imagined outcome despite what anyone thinks
Because daydreams really ARE that powerful.
So this summer, I'd like to gently remind you to not EVER let someone rob you of your daydreams. What you imagine is real—it's real in your heart & therefore real in the imaginal realm—and your dreams want you! They want you so much that I believe they'll manifest in uncanny ways that you never expected, once you've taken the time to give them their due. The trick is to let them fly on their own & come back to you in the manner that they choose. And that requires faith & an uncanny sense of letting go. Only then can your dreams suddenly alight into your life—what many people call that "breakthrough" moment when the flash of genius finally comes, or when you stumble into the love of your life in a crowded cafĂ©. These serendipitous moments are the result of your willingness to open your heart, over & over again despite many setbacks & failures, to the possibility of great things—wonderful things—actually coming to YOU.
And once you do that, with every ounce of faith you can muster, you'll never be the same.
You'll be a daydream believer, just like me.
But it's okay—the view is really beautiful from up here ; )

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