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a sanctuary of enchantment, whimsy & wide open spaces of the heart. 
Here, you'll find books for all ages to fill your soul & remind you of the magic of life. 
Fairy lore, gypsy potions & vintage western treasures are a few of the things I never grew out of—because they add vibrancy to my spirit! A natural daydreamer who was raised out West, 
I've always had trouble squeezing myself into one mold (and I bet you have, too). 
So that's why I write stories to celebrate those secret & often outcast parts of ourselves 
that yearn to live & love with abandon. I hope you'll enjoy this nook & my adventures. 
But most of all, I hope you'll take time out to let your spirit roam free & to dream, 
dream & never stop dreaming...

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A little spell or two never hurt true love


Don't visit the fortune teller unless
 you're ready for the truth

Happily ever after begins now...

Author Diane J. Reed

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