Welcome to Bandits Ranch,
a romantic sanctuary of enchantment, whimsy, and wide open spaces of the heart. Here, you'll find books for adults and teens to fill your soul and remind you of the magic of life. Fairy lore, gypsy potions, and vintage western treasures are a few of the things I never grew out of—because they add vibrancy to my spirit! A natural daydreamer who was raised out West, I've always had trouble squeezing myself into one mold (and I bet you have, too). So that's why I write stories to celebrate those secret and often outcast parts of ourselves that yearn to live and love with abandon. I hope you'll enjoy this nook and my adventures—but most of all, I hope you'll take time out to let your spirit roam free today and to dream, dream, and never stop dreaming...

They heard the waltz in their hearts in an open field 

A little spell or two never hurt true love...

Never visit the fortune teller unless you're ready for the truth

The sound of tinkling crystal was as colorful as her laughter

A spur-of-the-moment picnic filled their souls to the brim,
and it was then that he realized he would love her forever...

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