Sunday, June 5, 2016

Time Travelers Giveaway!

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Time Travelers Giveaway! 
As a novelist, I adore road trips to do research for my latest books, especially when I can visit historical sites & heritage museums to see how my characters (who experience time travel in the Enchanted Outlaws Series) might actually live. For me, it's a chance to investigate the secrets that time keeps close to its chest, only revealing to those who are tenacious enough to walk off-the-beaten paths created long ago with a heart ready to listen to the echoes of ancient memory.  Recently, I went to New Mexico with my family to do further in-depth study on the colonial era in the northernmost region of the Spanish empire for my upcoming time travel sequel to Twixt, the novel Mission Archangel. As part of this journey, I visited 3 pueblos, 3 national monuments/parks & 3 museums in 6 days. Rather than be exhausted, I was utterly exhilarated! To talk with Native Amercian descendents of those who'd endured Spanish colonization and yet triumphed by holding on to their ancestral lands and cultures was a true honor I'll never forget. Along the way, I purchased turquoise and pottery directly from Native American artisans (a passion of mine), and this month I'll be sharing the bounty by giving away the following:

(1) a pair of green turquoise earrings 
(pictured below)
(2) a $25 Amazon gift card 
(3) a past-life reading (a $50 value)

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Have a beautiful summer!
And stay tuned for my newest novella release in the 
Robbin' Hearts Series:  Secret Heart of Lacie Blade.
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