Thursday, November 12, 2015

SPIRITS OF THE SEASON: Eight Haunting Holiday Romances & Facebook Hop Giveaway!

Christmas is coming! And it just so happens that there is a perfect romantic box set for only .99 cents on Kindle to put you in the mood for all the warmth & love of the holiday season. It's called Spirits of the Season: Eight Haunting Holiday Romances, written by USA Today bestselling & award-ainning authors. I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful box set with my holiday novella Bandits Hollow, a tale about two lovers who travel through time to find one another & reunite under a magical moon on Christmas Eve. And to celebrate this box set, all the authors (including me) have arranged a Facebook Hop from November 12th-19th where you can enter to win $700 in prizes, including a Kindle Fire Tablet! All you have to do to enter our giveaway is go to our Spirits of the Season Facebook Page Hop at and follow the instructions to win prizes! In addition to the grand prize of a Kindle Fire, each author is giving away jewelry, books, swag, and lots more from their individual facebook author pages.

So what am I giving away from my Facebook Author Page? A gorgeous bracelet (see photo below) that sparkles as brightly as the Cold Moon of December in my novella Bandits Hollow, which brings 2 eternal lovers together to be connected for all time, just like the lovely rows of faceted crystals on this bracelet:

In addition to the bracelet, I'm also giving away a free psychic reading in honor of my main character, Evangeline Tinker, a renowned fortune teller who finds her own magical way toward true love in Bandits Hollow. To see more information about my psychic readings, please click on this link:

And to give you a taste of the magic in the Spirits of the Season box set, the following is a link to our stunning book trailer video that will make your heart flutter at the beauty, mystery, and promise of winter romance:

So grab a cup of hot cocoa & visit our Spirits of the Season Facebook Page Hop at to enter today! You never know, your gifts just might arrive early this holiday season <3


  1. Nice! I will spread word about the boxed set via G+ just because it sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you so much, Catherine! Hope your holidays are wonderful <3

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