Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Get Your Shine On!

I know what you've been through over the last year: Heartbreak. Betrayal. Illness. Separation. Unemployment. Death of loved ones. It's called the human experience & the Wheel of Fate leaves none of us unscarred—sometimes so deeply we don't know how we can ever prevail. But I also know something else—something beautiful—about the human spirit: after a period of grieving & bestowing tender care upon ourselves & others, the capacity of the human heart to regenerate is truly miraculous. I like to think it's our gift from what many of us call God. Each of us is a piece of that brilliant sun, the Source of life, that keeps giving us the grace & love & energy to reanimate our souls to reflect more of that radiant light. So it's not only our birthright, it's our duty to shine.

You weren't set upon this earth to cower under a rock or to be anyone's victim. But the trouble is that's exactly what some people will try to make you believe if you dare to use your gifts and (God help them) dare to live out loud with an attitude of abundance & blessing, no matter what your circumstances look like. Such faith & bravery & pure love of life is called "unrealistic", "impractical", "uppity", or even "arrogant" (yep, I've heard it all). But you know what? The other people who've been trying to drum up the courage to live life to its fullest, despite all the odds, will turn their hearts towards you like daisies to the sun. If you listen carefully enough, you'll hear the music of their spirits cheering you on—championing you—applauding every big & brave step that you take. Why? Because way down deep, I think ALL of us know that every time one of us dares to shine, the whole world becomes that much brighter.

I believe every bold act of living abundantly & from the heart sends a ripple through the world that says "go for it" to all those whose lives have been crimped by forces beyond their control. And I think that power is magnetic—that when you dare to shine, you become an earth angel who can help others shine, too. Sometimes directly, by the way you actively seek to assist people to overcome physical obstacles, but also by increasing the light to help them find spiritual doors that can be a catalyst to reach a whole new level of freedom & victory.

So as the calendar gives us a new start this month and turns to the fresh hopes of 2014, I'm going to think about the ways I want to shine this year. And of course, I'd be delighted to hear about your journey, too (because don't forget, your bright light bolsters my courage to make 2014 a banner year as well!).

While making my list of ways to "shine" in 2014, I also remind myself that no act of authentic radiance is too small (in my humble opinion). Even the loftiest goals, like a hundred-pound weight loss or seeking a total career change, have to begin with the first small steps. And I never underestimate the psychological power of ANYTHING that makes you feel truly good about being YOU. Even if that comes from simply indulging in a soulful book or a sparkly new pair of shoes (preferably both! : ).

As for me, I'll be listening to Florida Georgia Line's sassy country tune "Get Your Shine On" while jogging out in nature to replenish my soul. And with every step I take, I'll be imagining the joy of new growth & new accomplishments in my life—no matter how crazy my dreams might seem to others—and all those bright angels who'll be waiting to give me a big hug at the finish line. Some of those angels are the people who've been my generous supporters, even when I was really down, and others are the radiant souls who've gone before me who hold spiritual lanterns to guide my way. But one thing you can count on—as I progress on my journey, I'm going to make sure that I hold spiritual lanterns high enough so that others can see how brightly they shine, too.  And in doing so, our horizon is guaranteed to fill up with a most glorious & inspiring light . . .

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  1. What a wonderful word "Shine" I think it is perfect for you! And yes it is your duty to shine. C'mon girl!!

    1. Oh, I'm so honored you stopped by, Catherine! Your blog Foxglove Lane Studio has always given me inspiration for this curious human pilgrimage we are on. If anyone would like to see breathtaking photos of Ireland that give one pause to ponder the deeper meanings in life, check out Catherine's blog at Her writings & photos always bring me home to my own soul <3

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